Please Read Carefully

By purchasing any product/service from M6 Media Ltd you are agreeing to comply with our Terms and Conditions as stated below.

Key Service Terms

Your service will be provided on a 12 month basis and will be automatically renewed after 11 months via your existing payment details. If you do not wish to renew your services please inform us in writing via post or email no later than 30 days before your renewal date. We cannot be held responsible for loss of data if the renewal subscription is not paid on time. We want to ensure you are satisfied with your M6 Media Ltd services. We will help by agreeing to make minor changes to your website at any time. We cannot be held responsible for any errors, delays or omissions during the domain registration (or failure of registration) or during the period that the client holds the domain name. By registering the Domain Name for you we do not investigate whether you are entitled to register or have any rights to the Domain Name. We are not the authorising body for your use of the Domain Name in the course of your business and therefore accept no liability current or future for any legal challenges made against you for the use of the Domain Name. All services are subject to availability, and may be withdrawn at any time.

We reserve the right to remove material from your website or the Service that we find offensive or believe that others may find offensive. You are responsible for providing all information that you want to be put on your website. You have full responsibility for the content of your website including, without limitation, any images that you display on your website.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the content of your website does not breach the intellectual property rights of any third party and that you have permission to use all the content. We accept no liability for the content of your website. Whilst we shall use reasonable efforts to make sure that backup copies of your website and all data contained in your website are made at reasonable intervals, you shall be solely responsible for the backup of the data and we shall not be liable for any damages, loss, costs or other expenses arising out of or for any loss of data by you which are due to the failure of you or us to back up the data.

Unpaid Invoices

If any invoice for the Service is unpaid we reserve the right to immediately suspend or cancel the Service (including any domain name registration). Suspension of Service will not remove your liability to pay any Charges that are due and payable on your account at the date of termination. Also we will have the right to charge interest on any unpaid amounts at the rate of 3% over the then current Bank of England base rate. If you do not pay any Charges within thirty (30) days of the invoice date we reserve the right to change the ownership of your domain name into our name without further notice to you. If the domain name is cancelled for non-payment then it will become available to others for registration. If the domain name reverts to us then you may negotiate directly with us to regain the domain however we have no obligation to give the domain to you.


Where a service issue arises during the initial set-up period you may request a refund, however we reserve the right to provide a service extension or another product or to resolve the service issue as an alternative to providing a refund. We reserve the right to charge for any extra services you have requested from us for your cancellation of Service, including without limitation any services relating to web design for a temporary website, forwarding or transferring the service and providing back up whilst any such transfer is carried out. No refunds will be given after a period of 7 days from which payment for the service was taken and / or the initial design of the website has already been created.

Domain Names

On payment of the appropriate charges by you we shall apply for registration of the domain name requested by you. If you have asked us to register a domain name then you have authorised us to act as your agent with the registering authority under the relevant terms and conditions for that authority. We will not be held responsible if an incorrect domain name has been registered. It is your responsibility to make sure that correct details are provided to us.

Website Construction

We shall assist you with the construction of and / or development of your website in accordance with the options selected by you when ordering services. Whilst we shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that your website can be accessed by users of the Internet at all times, you acknowledge that it is technically impossible to provide such access free of fault at all times and we do not undertake to do so. We expressly reserve the right to temporarily suspend availability of your website for the purpose of necessary or scheduled maintenance. Access to your website may also be adversely affected by conditions and performances outside our control, including, without limitation, the breakdown of transmission and telecommunication links. If we agree to design your website, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for supplying to us, the materials which you would like to be included in the building of your web site. We may reproduce, as well as digitally manipulate the materials in the course of building your website and you confirm that we are allowed to do so. We reserve the right to reject any part of the material submitted if it is deemed by us unsuitable for inclusion within your website. Where we are designing a website for you we are unable to proceed with the build until you supply us with the materials which you would like to be included. No refund will be given on the grounds that the website was not created / materials not received / you change your mind.

Alterations To Websites

As part of your monthly subscription fee M6 Media Ltd will include, on request, minor alterations to your existing website design such as text and images. Not included as part of your monthly subscription fees are alterations to design, layout or additional content. These will incur a fee, which will be discussed before alterations are made.

Access to CMS (Content Management System)

Access will be given to all customers on request if they wish to make alterations to the website using the CMS system. Admin access will not be given until the initial contract has been honoured. If you do require access to plugins and themes then M6 Media Ltd will add these for you and give you limited access. If you require full admin permissions then you must pay the outstanding balance until the end of the contract before M6 Media Ltd will provide this.

Monthly Fees

Your monthly fees are part of your 12 month contractual term and must be paid via Direct Debit or recurring card payment. Your first payment will be taken once your proof has been sent through to you. If you choose to cancel your agreement early then you will be held liable for the full 12 months of service.

Search Engine Optimisation

The standard search engine optimisation package will push your website as high as possible on most search engines but is not guaranteed. No refunds will be given on the grounds that specific or 1st page position is not achieved.

Transferring Domains Away From M6 Media Ltd

Any domain name registered with or held by M6 Media Ltd will incur a charge of £50 transfer admin fee if you wish to transfer to another provider or account. Any email accounts associated with domains being transferred will also be deleted.


Your contractual term with M6 Media ltd is 12 months. If you change your mind within the first 7 days, you must contact us to cancel or discuss further options. If we have already started your service, bought your domain or made any other purchases, then no refunds will be given. No refunds will be given after the 7 day period has ended.

After 6 months, if we have not received your materials or your website has not been built, your service will be cancelled and no refund will be given. Unless we have agreed to delay your design for a period of 6 months or more you must then pay further service costs to start your agreement again.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions or if you would like assistance with any aspect of our service please call 01524 874 130.